Saturday, June 2, 2012

Whipped Margarita

I'm a tequila girl. Through and through. Not the nasty dirty socks kind, I'm a silver tequila girl. I'm also a whipped cream vodka kinda girl. Why not combine the two? HECK YEAH!

Introducing: The Whipped Margarita.
Also introducing a major YUM factor.


1oz silver or blanco tequila
1oz whipped cream vodka
1oz triple sec or Grand Marnier
1oz sour mix
1oz lime juice


Build all ingredients in a collins glass over ice. Enjoy!

Another fun variation might be to add a float of grenadine for a whipped cherry margarita! MMMMMMMMMM. I'm sure you could also turn this into a delicious blended drink if you had a blender that crushed ice (unlike mine which just stirs the ice). 

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